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Okay, so here’s my very fist entry.  Most of what I have been hearing from clients, or just anyone, is they don’t know where to start.  That is in the way of  organizing.  I have many people telling me it just takes too much time and they are too busy.  Well, the key is…never start anything you can’t finish.  So, for example I know my entire home needs reorganizing, but I just don’t have the time.  So, start with a small area.  Figure out first which area of your home needs help the most.  Maybe, it’s your kitchen, so instead of going at it like a maniac and trying to do everything in one day, then becoming overwhelmed and giving up half way through because you just don’t have the time.  Break it down, into small areas.  Do one cupboard.  Finish it and then leave it.  You’ll actually go away with the feeling you accomplished something.  You weren’t overwhelmed and now you still have time to have a long bath with a glass of wine. You might feel energized and proud of your accomplishment that tomorrow, you are ready to tackle the next cupboard.

It’s all about taking it in stride and not stressing yourself over it.

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