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Professional Home Organizing Services


“Van Urban Organizing is a seasoned Vancouver based home, office and space organizing service with a keen eye for detail and a dose of creativity. Let them transform your event idea into reality, from sourcing items needed to working on configuration design, set up and best utilization of space. Van Urban has transformed offices and homes, including Zone Vancouver into well organized and strategically thought out modern spaces. If you have a vision, but don’t have time to shop or organize, contact Van Urban Organizing and consider it handled. “


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Tired of searching for the same items over and over again?

Wasting time and money buying items you already own and can’t find?

Tripping over your family’s clutter?

Wasting money because of disorganization?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time to…


Get Organized!  With Our Professional Home Organizing Services!

Our home organizing services can take your closet, office, garage, kitchen, or any room that needs it and transform it into a totally functional space. Everything has its place and you know you’ll want to keep it that way. We’ll make it easy for you to do so.  So many of us are busy with work and kids and we try to keep things pretty organized, but it just seems to slip away from us. Things begin to pile up, we shut the doors to our closets and storage room fast, thinking I’ll get around to it soon. Unfortunately, soon ends up being months and then the mess looks too overwhelming.  Then you end up spending so much extra time looking for items you know you already have, but can’t find.

So, why go out and buy those items a second or even third time, out of shear frustration. Let us help you save money!

How much money do you think you would save on moving costs if you had someone help you get rid of the excess things you no longer need?

We start first by sorting items with you. We can help you to decide what items to keep and what to throw away. Anything you would like to donate we will pack up and remove for you.

Then you relax and let us take it from there.

For larger projects, such as; a walk in closet, garage, entire kitchen, or even office, our professional home organizing team will first meet with you to assess what is needed and what your desires for the rooms are. From there we can come up with a design and shop for any necessary items. If needed, we buy products /furnishings necessary, or have our own carpenter create something for your specific needs. We will also work with a designer to have everything fit into the original style of the space. Your end product is an immaculate space tailored specifically to your needs. Functional, organized and looking amazing!

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