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Closet Organizing and Storage Rooms

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At  Van-Urban closet organizing is a breeze!  We can take care of the chaos in your closet. Giving you an orderly functional space, that will leave you stress free, until you need us again! We’ll colour coordinate your clothing, create a space for ties, belts, hats, and more.  An organized closet or pantry, will not only save you extra time and frustration, but money!  Think of the items you buy again and again, just because you can’t find what you already have.   If you’re moving, the extra cost of packing and transporting things you don’t need or even want can be huge.

We start first by sorting items with you. We can help you to decide what items to keep and what to throw away.  Anything you would like to donate we will pack up and remove for you.  Then you relax and let us take it from there.  If you prefer we can sort things out on our own and box items that we don’t think you would need and you can look through them later.

Our closet organizing service will also do your pantries.  We’ll get rid of old items and if you like, buy bins and plastic ware, to sort your dry food and label them.

Van-Urban can organize any part of your home and if you don’t think you have the extra space, we’ll find it!

Organized linen closets, pantries, etc.

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